My Photos

Here's a selection of scanned photographs. There are lots of digital photos here.
This is one of my favourites from Nick and Lucy's wedding (of the photos I took).  It's a happy photo, as befits the occasion, it's quite informal and it's a bit of an "action" shot.
Nick and Lucy's wedding

Punakaiki is on the West Coast of New Zealand (it's fairly famous for its "blowholes").   It's a favourite place for my family to go on holiday.  This photo was taken from high on the cliffs above Punakaiki.

This is a very special photo because it's one I wasn't intending to take -- it just presented itself.   My parents and I were returning from a holiday in Punakaiki and had lunch looking out over Lake Brunner.  The whole time we were there, this cloud was morphing over the hill.   Just before we left I went back to the car, unpacked my camera, and took a couple of shots.   This has been cropped to form a more "panoramic" view which I think suits it best.   This is the only photo of mine I've had the gall to have framed.
Cloud over "Te Kinga", Lake Brunner

This is the moon over (way over) Halfdome in Yosemite.   Yosemite is a very beautiful National Park in California, relatively close to the Bay Area where I live.
Moon over Halfdome