What's this?…

"Bird" tessellation

Well, it's not exactly "art".  It's my four birds tessellation. Where are it's legs?   Like many ("technically-minded"?) people, I'm interested in the works of M C Escher.  I guess I've designed half-a-dozen tessellations of my own.  None with the mastery of MCE obviously, but they're an interesting challenge, if you're that way inclined.  This particular tessellation is about the only one of mine I could easily reproduce in Paint (it is a very simple tessellation).   My theme required a representative for "Art" and I wanted something of my own if possible.  It really needed to be wider than it was high, so I created a strip of the basic tile.  It was also an excuse to introduce a bit of colour to the front page.  I included the incomplete tiles to suggest that it's an artwork (ie, something being created, somthing in progress).   During the winter of '98 I created a real (single) ceramic tile of this design at Petroglyph in Palo Alto.  I'd recommend it as a fun rainy-day exercise -- you can walk in off the street (although it can get busy), pick a piece of "raw" pottery, decorate it as you see fit and they fire and glaze it for you (but they're only in the Bay Area, sorry).