The feedback so far has been pretty positive.   A few bad links were found (I don't know why PageMill didn't report them).   A number of people found the "links" image on the home page confusing -- they thought it was an error in my HTML (in spite of the fact that it's coloured...), I've made a small effort to alleviate this by adding an animated cursor.   Until or unless I find an alternative image, I'll leave it as-is.   Not everybody recognised that the front page images were links.   An unintended connection between the music-fragment image and the adjacent "Everyone suddenly burst out singing" image was made; I tried re-ordering the links but didn't like the result.

Some people, particulary at work, have had problems with the Java applets.   For example, the calendar applet won't run at all for them.   This only seems to be an issue for Netscape users, I think it's a "security" problem -- the applet tries to read the background GIF file and our company firewall prevents it.  I briefly fooled around trying to trap a security exception in the code and deal with it gracefully, but with no luck.

A lot of people made comments to the effect that I've obviously got too much spare time.   How much is too much?  I am supposed to be working 24/7?