January, Febuary & March 2009

Checking out Mona Vale as our wedding venue.
Mark in front of the Mona Vale house.
The punt that Mark and I will arrive in to the wedding.
The back of the Mona Vale house.
The lawn where our wedding ceremony will take place.
The Mona Vale gardens.
The Mona Vale logo.
My co-worker Jenny, Mark and Jenny's hens at Jenny's housewarming party.
My co-workers Caroline and Jaime with Jenny's husband, Skry.
Kathy and Mark by candlelight at Linda's birthday party.
My co-workers, Vanessa and Linda. and myself at Linda's birthday party.
The Gargolye was my favorite act at the street performance festival in Christchurch.
A beautiful flower in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
Nick and Lucy's son, Josh, on my lap.
Stick figures of the "Business Analyst Think Tank" at work.
My co-workers: James, Kathy, Brad, Dun, Warwick, Linda, Tan, Jane, Allanah, Jenny and Caroline.
Anne and Lance's new kitteh.
Anne and Lance's girls, Sophie and Rose discovering a crab at Taylor's Mistake.
A precariously perched house on a cliff at Taylor's Mistake.
Jandals hanging on a bach at Taylor's Mistake.
Surfers waiting for a wave at Taylor's Mistake.
View of Taylor's Mistake.
Mr. Whippy (best ice cream ever!) at the top of Summit Road overlooking Lyttleton Harbor.