Kaikoura April 2009

The view of Kaikoura from our hotel.
Dazzlingly beautiful views.
Whale bone arches in a Kaikoura park.
View of one of Kaikoura's peaks from the lookout telescope.
The fireplace is all that is left of the Pier house.
Very surreal.
A sleepy seal at the seal colony.
We can has cheezburger?
Do not disturb the seals.
Work it.
Mark on the walk around the Kaikoura peninsula.
Kaikoura at sundown.
Rising moon.
The view while we waited for our crayfish dinners.
Yummy Kaikoura crayfish from a roadside BBQ stand.
The view of Kaikoura the following morning.
Kelp on the rocky shore.
Mark embracing his zen at the Lavendyl Lavender Farm.
Lavendyl Lavender Farm.
Hungry sheep at the lavender farm.
Fresh eggs at the lavender farm.
A very brave Fantail bird.
Mark's tradition of building a structure out of driftwood on the beach continues.
Close up of a branch on the structure.
Close up of the top of the structure.
The Trinity.