BFD 2007

Mark, Jenn, Matt, Jennifer and Marty in front of the Festival Stage.
Jennifer and Marty showing off their backstage passes.
The Bravery - they blew out the speakers on the right hand side stage so the sound was very bad.
The Silversun Pickups - awesome sound!
Jenn applauding the Silversun Pickups.
The Faint - great energy!
Jennifer invited me backstage -- they were interviewing the guitarist from Interpol.
Jennifer taking a picture of the backstage area.
I got a picture of the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age playing basketball backstage.
Kathy and Mark at the Main Stage.
A panoramic of our view of the Main Stage -- the merge of the pictures by the stage is a little messed up...
Kaiser Chiefs on the Main Stage.
Interpol on the Main Stage.
A closeup of Intepol's lead guitarist on the stage screen.
A closeup of Queens of the Stone Age's lead singer on the stage screen.
Queens of the Stone Age's cool looking stage set.