Hawaii 2007

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Mark and I at the airport.
Enjoying some champagne on the airplane.
Mark looking out at the golf course from the balcony of the condo.
Wee nicey (cat) on the golf course.
Mark on the helicopter we took to see the lavaflow.
Kathy on the helicopter (front seat!)
Just before lift off!
The list of our weights that got us our front row seats!
The Kilauea crater.
Steam vent from the Pu'u'o'o vent.
The river of lava.
More lava!
Mark took a picture of me taking a picture of the lava.
There is a B&B in the middle of the forest that is surrounded by older lavaflows.
Mark and Kathy at the Hilo fueling site.
The Waipio Valley.
One of many waterfalls we saw in the Valleys.
Pololu Valley
Kohala Coast.
Landing the helicopter.
Totally worth the helicopter ride!
Pololu Valley from the road.
One of the many gecko's we saw on our trip.
Roy's restaurant in Kohala.
We stopped on our way back to the condo to take pictures of the sunset.
The moon in the upper right and the observatories in the lower left.
Notice all of the white rocks spelling out people's names on the black lava.
2 wee nicey's on the front porch of the condo.
Mark petting the wee nicey.
That will be one dollar please.
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