Hawaii 2007

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Cool spider that Mark spotted on the way to the beach.
White Sands Beach.
Panoramic of White Sands Beach.
Kathy surveying the snorkeling conditions.
Kathy snorkeling
Sea turtle surfacing for air.
Diving sea turtle.
Mark took great pictures while Kathy snorkeled.
Akaka Falls.
Koru at Akaka Falls.
Another Koru.
Cat Whiskers.
Botanical Gardens.
Mark and Kathy at the Botanical Gardens.
Waves crashing into the rocks at the Botanical Gardens.
Mark holding our umbrellas that we needed for walking through the rainforest at the Botanical Gardens.
More beautiful flowers.
Mark spelled out "M + K" on the lava rocks at South Point.
Waves crashing at South Point.
Sea turtle resting on Black Sand Beach.
The August 1st announcement of the lava flow at Volcanoes National Park.
September 10th announcement.
A koru near the Volcano Inn.
Kathy and Mark at the Kilauea Lodge restaurant.
Wee nicey outside of the Kilauea Lodge restaurant.
That will be two dollars please.
Mark snorkeling!
Kathy snorkeling!
Pretty fishy!
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