Champagne & Cheese Party

1st tasting: Colby & Chevre Cheeses with Chandon Champagne...
Mark and Laurie enjoying the 2nd tasting (Explorateur cheese with Mumm Carte Classique champagne)
Fergie and the 3rd selection (Gorgonzola Cremificato Dolce cheese with Gruet Brut champagne)
Jenn showing off her new wallet after sampling the mini Pavlova dessert and cinnamon/chocolate ice cream
Mark, Terry, Kerri and Jenn playing "Apples to Apples" game.
Fergie to Badger about Steph: "You're arguing with an elf!" (Steph and Badger)
Fergie to Badger: "If he can get rid of my bagpipes, I can get rid of his kilts". (Fergie, Laurie, Felina and Jason)
Kerri: "I can't vote for Hitler...he's family" (what Kerri thinks is "Hostile")
Fergie and Jenn warming their hands in Mark's, really!