New Zealand April 2008

a.k.a. "The Land of Rainbows and Kittehs"

Mark and his sister Debra at John and Debra's home in Wellington.
Panoramic view from John and Debra's balcony.
Mark in front of the Rainbow Warrior II which was docked at Wellington.
Mark's mother, Pam, standing up to receive her "Member of the Order of Merit" medal at the Government House in Wellington.
The Governor General (GG) pinning the medal on Pam.
Pam looks lovely!
Mark, Mark's father, John, Debra and Debra's partner, John, congratulating Pam.
The two Johns relaxing at the GG's home.
Poising for the official photograph with the GG and his wife.
John and Pam in front of the Government House.
Kathy and Mark in front of the Government House.
Kitteh #1 - At a restaurant in Wellington.
Friday night "Fush & Chups" (Fish & Chips) at John and Debra's home.
The "Fush & Chups" was delicious!
Kitteh #2 - At a cafe in Wellington, "I may look tough but I'll let you rub my tummy!"
Kitteh #3 - John and Pam's cat, Sheba, relaxing at her home in Christchurch.
Nick, Josh and Lucy at their home in Governor's Bay near Christchurch.
Kitteh #4 - Nick and Lucy's cat, Zoot.
Kitteh #5 - With Ian L., Margaret and Helena at their home in Christchurch.
Kitteh #6 - Ian B.'s family cat in front of their home in Christchurch.
Ian B.'s wife, Meg, and their two daughters, Myfanwy and Ceridwen, at their home in Christchurch.
Ian B. and daughters.
Sophie with her mother, Ann, at their home in the Redcliffs suburb of Christchurch.
Kitteh #7 - Ann and Lance's new kitten.
Lance with his daughter, Rose.
I had Mark take this picture of me in front of the eTIME sign in Christchurch as a joke for work.
Mark showing off his new engagement ring at the Arts Centre in Christchurch.
Kathy on the pier at New Brighton, a suburb of Christchurch.
Mark and Kathy on the New Brighton pier.
The sign on the gate of a Dyslexia clinic across from the Arts Centre in Christchurch.
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