New Zealand Trip

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View from our Auckland hotel. We arrived 6am but had to wait to 1pm to check in!
Sky Tower at 9am...Nice...
View of harbour from Sky Tower.
The view down from up in Sky Tower.
The view of our hotel from Sky Tower. Our hotel is the triangle shaped one in the lower middle part of the photo.
Shadow of Sky Tower.
Our room.
Piha Beach west of Auckland.
The surfboard sign for Piha Beach.
View of Piha Beach from our picnic spot.
Piha Beach.
Mark walking across a stream to get to Keri Keri Beach.
Keri Keri Beach is where the movie "The Piano" was filmed.
I was able to catch the waves breaking on the rocks at Keri Keri Beach.
It took me a long time to get used to being a passenger on the left hand side of the car!
Quicksand sign at Bethels Beach
Face in the cliff at Bethels Beach.
Bethels Beach.
View of Auckland from the restaurant where we ate dinner.
We had dinner with the wedding party. Mark doing an oyster shot with Rich and Sian.
Sian and her Grand Dad.
The moon over Auckland.
Mark in Albert Park in Auckland.
The Da Vinci exhibit and the Auckland Museum.
Maori exhibit at the Auckland Museum.
A Moa display at the Auckland Museum. Moas are an extinct flightless bird.
A Kiwi display at the Auckland Museum. Kiwis were nearly extinct...
Stained glass picture of New Zealand at the Auckland Museum.
New Zealand artist, Charles Goldie, display at the Auckland Museum.
Close-up of one of Goldie's paintings of the Maori.
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