Steph & Badger's Wedding 2008

Mark's costume for Steph & Badger's wedding. Notice the bloody croquet mallet.
Kathy's costume for Steph & Badger's wedding.
A few gorillas attended the wedding.
Steph & Badger are legal now! Daemon (Perki) performed the ceremony.
Jenn & Dave.
Peewee and Jenn.
Daemon and his wife, Tina.
The cards that everyone had at their place setting.
Back of card.
The other Mark Wilson.
Ben, Wanda and Tinkerbell.
Evergrey, Edwin, Patricia and Rowan.
Badger & Steph picking out their song.
Jenn & Tabby.
Jenn, Tabby & Johnny.
Paul sans gorilla outfit.
Badger & Steph dancing to their song.
Dave showing off his new tattoo.
The beautiful wedding cakes.
Steph & Badger are still alive at the end of the party!