What's this?…

Plunk! Plunk! Plunk!

It's a fragment of music.   As well as I can remember it, this is a little "tune" I came up with one day in High School.  Ugly isn't it?  Horribly mathematical and artless.  I think I was aiming for some kind of "balance" or symmetry -- the notes return to where they started.   Maybe it's based on a sine curve or something.   I distinctly remember one day being in the school hall and tapping it out on the piano there.   A fellow student said, "Oh Mark, did you write that?"   The connection between Mark and his Scientific Tune was obvious to her...   In fact, I think the original may've been a little more melodious than this reproduction (which I think probably needs to carry some kind of health warning -- don't try even humming it).   Sadly, I have no musical talent at all, I think I'm probably tone deaf or something.   For me, singing is a matter of trying to hit the right number of notes.

Terry, the friend and co-worker who produced the image above using some software and a hand-written "score" (ha!) from me, has produced some real music which he claims is in some way inspired by my dirge.