Chemistry (aka Chemystery) is pretty much the only Science that has no intellectual appeal for me.   Perhaps it was the way I was taught it at High School -- badly.  It never seemed to me to be more than a collection of rules to remember; NaCl + H2SO4…??? etc, etc.

A few years after leaving school I found out that my Chemistry teacher was a Christian.   At the time this bothered me, I found it inconceivable that someone could believe in God and claim to be a Scientist,  Science means evidence, proof, logic, reproducibility, and Occam's Razor.  Science includes Quantum Physics, Evolutionary Biology and Cosmology.   I'm older now and a little less idealistic, but I still find it hard to imagine reconciling belief in Science and belief in Religion.   Of course I have my own faiths; I "believe" in Evolution and the Big Bang and all that good stuff.   I don't believe in any deities, any more than I beleive in Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny.