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All the HTML source was written using a text editor (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0).   Most images except photographs were created using Microsoft Paint or Visual C++, saved as GIF's using Visual C++ and made transparent using GIFTrans.   Animated GIFs were created using Microsoft GIF Animator.   Some image manipulation was performed using Adobe's Photoshop LE.   "Search and Replace" from Funduc Software was occasionally used to make across-the-board changes.

The site is validated and occasionally uploaded using Adobe's PageMill (I got my copy of PageMill and Photoshop LE for only $US60 from buy.com).   It's not bad but it does have the nasty habit of changing my source in foolish ways (inserting <P>'s where it shouldn't).   It doesn't appear to understand tags like <SUB>!   I don't use it to develop HTML source.

Development was also aided by Cadbury's chocolate and Starbuck's Coffee.

Additional help from: "HTML The Definitive Guide" [3e, O'Reilly].  "Core Java" [1.1, Sun]

I would like to thank my family for getting some resources to me in Sunnyvale CA, from Christchurch NZ.  Thanks also to Terry for the music image.

You can contact me at M_E_Wilson {at} bigfoot {dot} com

I welcome any feedback -- positive, negative, broken links, spelling mistakes etc, etc.

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