What's this?…


It's a doodle.  When I doodle, I seem to draw these things more often than not.  It's a cube in three-point perspective, one of the few things I remember from High School Technical Drawing.  Perhaps it says something profound about me, that when my mind wanders, this is what my subconcious wants to draw.  Nah.
Cube doodle

The only other thing I recall from Tech Drawing is how to render an regular array of identical objects, receeding to a vanishing point.  Consider a square (ABCD).  You bisect the closer side AB at X and draw a line (XP) to the vanishing point (P).  Then draw a line (BA') from one corner of the square (B) through where XP crosses the distant side of the square (Y) and extend it to the other main perspective line (at A').  Dropping this point to the other perspective line creates a new side A'B'.  The line segments BC and CB' shrink in the appropriate proportion.  The procedure can be continued by drawing a line from C through Z.

A wee lesson in Perspective

Like I said, that's all I remember.  I can't tell you how you arrive at the length of BC that makes ABCD look "square".  If I find out, I'll let you know.  I think I spent at least 2 years doing Tech Drawing.  At the time I started, my High School had two basic "streams"; Technical drawing/woodwork/metalwork and Languages (I forget what it was combined with).  The languages (French and German) didn't interest me, they seemed too pedestrian, too clichéd and I guess I hadn't developed an interest in languages at that point.  So, I joined the "technical" stream.  It was only later that I moved on to more "academic" subjects like Physics, Maths and (shudder) Chemistry.