The software you can download from this site is Freeware -- I'm giving it away.  You are free to use it for your own personal amusement but feel free to contact me if you really must reward me in some way.

By downloading my software you agree to

while I've made every effort to produce robust software (it is my profession after all) I can give no guarantees at all.

The fine print: there isn't any, honestly.  I'm just trying to cover my bottom so you won't sue me if (God forbid) some little Windows app I write causes your nuclear power plant's cooling system to shut down.  I'm asking that you be polite and treat any Freeware of mine as you would any gift.  Don't complain that you hate the colour (although I'm not saying I don't want feedback, I do).  Don't give it to someone else, claiming it's yours.   Don't sell it.  Don't say rude things about it behind my back.  Don't hide it on a dusty floppy in your drawer and only bring it out when I visit.   If you don't like it, get rid of it -- I won't be offended.   Don't use it inappropriately or abuse it.   Walk.  Don't run.   Avoid reading small text under poor lighting conditions.   Have a nice day.