What's This?

Well yes, I do have rather a lot to say here (todo).

A few years ago I was pondering the nature of my life, "Why, " I wondered, "am I so interested in programming?  Why do I do it as a hobby?"  I came up with three aspects of programming that (probably) make it appeal to me:

The software I've developed falls into these three categories:


I've been a Windows programmer for half a dozen years, or so.   Mostly MFC, but some Borland too.   I've been a C/C++ programmer for about the same time - quite a while!
I've written a lot of little Windows applications, but there's only one program here so far.
todo: CDController, Tutor, screen savers...


I bought a Palm III in '98.  There were a number of reasons for this; it was relatively cheap (to buy in the US when earning US currency), it's a neat techno-toy, it's pretty damn useful and it provides some programming challenges.   The development environment (the tools & the API, the GUI) is very different from what I'm used to (Windows).
I've written one program so far.
todo -- small icons.

Cup o' Java

I did a UCSC extension course in Java programming in '98.   I rather like Java; I think, given the choice, I might pick it over C++ for a project.   It has some fine features but I'm a little mystified why the designers chose to keep things like the ? operator.
todo:Calendar, Designature, LEDGrid, Plotter,..

...and I suppose there's a fourth, miscellaneous, category.  This would include the "lost" programs written on my Casio FX-702P programmable calculator (in BASIC), on my Acorn Electron (also BASIC) and on University of Canterbury mainframes (mostly Pascal).