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when is now, elsewhere?ElseWhen

This is just a simple little dialog-based app that you may find useful, it places an icon with a different location's time in the Task bar's "tray icon" area.

ElseWhen This is how ElseWhen appears - as an icon in the Task bar.  Here it's a New Zealand flag, next to the system time.

Tooltip When you move the mouse over the icon, it displays the current time, in some other place, as a "tooltip".

Main Window Double-clicking on the icon (or right-clicking and selecting from the menu) brings up this dialog where you configure ElseWhen.  You can name the place and provide an offset from local time to time there.  You can define the hours that the other place is "active" (eg, 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday).  You can either choose a predefined icon for the Task bar (the icon is automatically "darkened" when the other place is inactive) or chose you own active and inactive ICO files.

Ordinarily you'd add ElseWhen to your Startup folder.  Note that it is possible to have more than one instance of ElseWhen (refer to the download).

About ElseWhen's About box.

Not exactly an Earth-shatteringly important application I'll admit.  Still, it is useful and therefore belongs to that small class of programs that are small enough to be a reasonable recreational programming project (half a dozen evenings or less...) while producing a worthwhile result.

I transferred from New Zealand to the US to work on a particular project which was a joint development between here (Sunnyvale, CA) and there (Christchurch, NZ).  The time difference was often a bit of an issue; frequently in the morning I'd be thinking "Has New Zealand woken up yet, is so-and-so at work to take a phone call?"  Call me lazy, but I couldn't be bothered doing the maths in my head to work out the local time, so I wrote ElseWhen to do it for me.   That's why we have software.

Download You can download it here but first read my disclaimer.