What's This?

Change history (most recent first):
27th December, 2007 Added DMM Clock to Being Creative.
Added a link to Kathy's site which is now under mine.
1st September, 2007 Happy birthday website! Eight years after going "public".
28th January, 2007 Added Being Creative to the front page since it's become the most active area.
15th January, 2007 Added Feynman Bug and Zeus Swan. Added Flickr badges to being creative and photos pages.
2nd January, 2007 Updated ticket scans.
19th November, 2006 Added Periodic Table of Keys, Kathy's birthday and Future Stamps to Being Creative.
1st September, 2006 Happy birthday website! Seven years after going "public".
18th June, 2005 Added JuiceBox to Being Creative.
12th April, 2006 Added photos of my Road Trip across the USA (way back in 2004).
16th March, 2006 Added photos of Thailand and New Zealand trips.
Updated ticket scans.
1st September, 2005 Happy birthday website! Six years after going "public".
29th June, 2005 Added Horrery and Tubes to Being Creative.
31st May, 2005 Added photos of Hearst Castle.
24th May, 2005 Added photos of KFOG KABOOM!
See Kathy's site too.
Added extra Bay to Breakers photos.
19th May, 2005 Added photos of the our Glass Beach "crafts".
Added photos of Coachella, Mary's party and Bay to Breakers.
21st April, 2005 Added photos from my holiday with Kathy.
29th November, 2004 Added autumn photos and scans.
Updated CD list.
18th October, 2004 Added photos from 3-Day party.
13th October, 2004 Added photos from AbFabCab party.
29th September, 2004 Added CGI visitor counter now that it's available (carried the count across from the Geocities site).
1st September, 2004 Happy birthday website! Five years after going "public".
3rd August, 2004 Added Marisa's Birthday Card.
29th July, 2004 Added photos from the 2004 Bay to Breakers.
Moved site to a real domain name!
24th May, 2004 Updated CD list.
1st March, 2004 Added photos from my recent trip to New Zealand (and from my not so recent trip).
Removed some out of date stuff. I'm very near my limit of 15Mb for the free geocities hosting.
19th November, 2003 Added photos from the end of Debby and Brenda's 3-Day.
Changed "What's New?" to telegram-style GIF.
20th September, 2003 Added Java applets to Kelly and Dave's Wedding Gift and Card. Tidied it up a bit, added {Home} and {Up} links to "Creative" pages.
12th September, 2003 Added Kelly and Dave's Wedding Gift and Card.
1st September, 2003 Happy birthday website!  Four years after going "public".
12th August, 2003 Added photos from Massachusetts, Oakland and Berkeley.
7th July, 2003 Improved the contrast in one of the photos from Kelly & Dave's wedding. Re-ordered the photo and creative index pages to have most recent first.
29th June, 2003 Added photos from Kelly and Dave's Wedding.
30th May, 2003 Added Xuan's Andy Gibb tray.
24th May, 2003 Added the "New!" link. Obfuscated my email address. Added photos from Europe and the Bay to Breakers.
23rd October, 2002 Fixed some broken links.
13th October, 2002 Updated ElseWhen to version 2.0. Also updated my CD list and Site Map since I've now written tools to easily produce the HTML.
13th October, 2002 Added quite a lot of Creative stuff. Added a new Slideshow.
7th October, 2002 Fixed some broken links.
5th October, 2002 Added a couple of Slideshows.
30th September, 2002 I know, I know, it's been forever. Sorry. Busy with other things, lost some enthusiasm, GeoCities removed FTP access, etc, etc. Oh well, I've added another SWAT and a Photos section.

GeoCities sent me an email saying if I didn't update something here soon, they'd delete my site. I promise I'll be back.

1st September, 2002 Happy birthday website!  Three years after going "public".
1st September, 2001 Happy birthday website!  Two years after going "public".
28th April, 2001 A few misc fixes, some new CDs.  Added Being Creative.
14th February, 2001 Removed a couple of no-longer useful links; www.Only4Palm.com and www.Magritte.com.  Updated to the new Geocities hit counter.  Updated CD list.
1st September, 2000 Happy birthday website!  One year after going "public".  Corrected bad mailto links.
11th June, 2000 Updated CD's and patents, added gratuitous image map.   Added some new links
30th April, 2000 Added patents, ElseWhen and Web Ring ring.   A few other minor updates and some links.
13th April, 2000 It's been a long time!  Added {home} links, SWAT, and photos of Marisa and Dan's wedding.
26th November, 1999 Mostly just re-aligning the "What's This" images to deal with Yahoo! GeoCities new ad mechanism.   The "Ad Square" was splatted on top of all the images I'd carefully placed at top right.
12th October, 1999 Added webring links
2nd September, 1999 Added feedback.html
1st September, 1999 (pm) Made changes based on feedback; fixed some broken links, animated links.gif
1st September, 1999 (am) Updated music.gif, went "public"
31st August, 1999 Added some photos to photos.html and fmead.html, removed Under Construction gif from front page (a temporary measure which spoiled the design, but yes, the site is still definitely being constructed).
30th August, 1999 Fleshed-out "Mark" page, worked on Java classes, NetMind test worked OK.
29th August, 1999
A number of minor modifications and enhancements (for example, myart.html & kiwi.html), working toward "unveiling"....
19th August, 1999 Validation with PageMill -- replaced back-slashes in paths with forward-slashes, fixed some broken links, replaced →'s (→ right-arrow) with …'s (… ellipsis) for Netscape (untested), made some files lowercase, removed Palm Computing logo, corrected spelling mistakes, added Birthday Hat, implemented "Date" parameter in CalPageApl.java.
18th August, 1999 Reworked Counter as item in navframe, added feynman.html, added NetMind form and fixed a few errors etc.
17th August, 1999 Initial upload onto GeoCities.
4th August, 1999 Joined GeoCities.
May, 1999 Started building it...